Nursery Shop

The Nursery Shop features special plants and gift items related to gardening and wildlife. Open during our sales in April and October. Visit the Nursery Shop, located to the right of Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary (See map.)

Be sure to visit the Nursery Shop during our annual Spring and Fall Plant Sales.

Ordering Wing Haven Gardens Merchandise

If you would like to order any of our merchandise, please fill out our online order form, or call us at 704.331.0664.


Books from Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary

Young and old alike will enjoy our selection of books. The Wing Haven books below are available for purchase online or by visiting the garden.




Elizabeth's Garden
Written by Julie Degni Marr and Illustrated by Laurie McGuire Richardson. This book is an illustrated tale of Elizabeth and Eddie Clarkson and Wing Haven Gardens.
$10.00 (includes postage)



Visitor's Guide to Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary

NEW Updated Version! This booklet is a "must have" for anyone planning a tour of Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary. Complete with an overview map, the guide gives the history and stories behind each garden.

$2.00 (includes postage)



The Wing Haven DVD

Narrated by Dick Cavett, "Wing Haven: A Gift to the city," is a wonderful opportunity to spend a few moments with Elizabeth and Eddie Clarkson.

DVD is 12 minutes)

$10.00 (includes postage)


Elizabeth's Wish
Written by Julie Degni Marr and Illustrated by Laurie McGuire Richardson. This book is an illustrated tale of Sammy the Squirrel, birds and blossoms.

$10.00 (includes postage)

Wing Haven Garden Journal
Written by Ann Armstrong and Illustrated by Mary Anne McCarley. This calendar will be a help to you in your own garden planning.
$10.00 (includes postage)

A Bird in the House
By Mary Norton Kratt, is the charming and eccentric story of Wing Haven Gardens. Each year Wing Haven Gardens draws thousands of adults and children to see its captivating beauty and bird life.
$10.00 (includes postage)

activity book graphic Wing Haven - Children's Activity Book

Illustrated by Laurie Richardson. A delightful coloring and activity booklet for children.

$2.00 (includes postage)

Wing Haven - Verses
from the Garden

A careful reading of the verses from the garden gives you a glimpse of the spirit of Elizabeth Clarkson.These verses, only a portion of many she had clipped and saved through the years, were placed in the garden after its completion.
$5.00 (includes postage)