Clarkson’s Book: Birds of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, NC

When Mrs. Clarkson came to Charlotte in 1927 a garden with hedges and borders and trees was her all-consuming desire—the birds were just a lovely part of the garden’s background.  During a lengthy illness that forced her to spend many days in bed or, weather permitting, on a cot in the garden, she became passionate about the birds.

In an article published in Audubon in 1945 she wrote, “Up to that time all plants and shrubs and trees had been selected for their contribution to the garden picture, but from that moment when I suddenly became interested in birds, each addition was weighed also from the ‘bird’s point of view,’ and bird baths, feeding stations, suet baskets, and hummingbird feeders became garden necessities.” 

Over the years many species of birds have been spotted in the garden. For a complete listing of the birds that visitors to Wing Haven are most likely to see in the garden, visit our birds section.



Birds of Charlotte and
Mecklenburg County,
North Carolina

by Elizabeth Barnhill Clarkson