History of Wing Haven Gardens
& Bird Sanctuary

Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary has been a special part of Charlotte since its creation by Elizabeth and Edwin Clarkson in 1927. The gardens, enclosed on all sides by brick walls, encompass almost three acres in the heart of Charlotte and include lovely vistas, formal gardens, and woodland areas.


The Gardens

Throughout, the emphasis is on plantings for birds and other wildlife—providing cover, nesting sites, food, and water.  Plaques and statuary, integrated into the garden walls and paths, reflect the spirit and beauty of Wing Haven and its creators. Visitors marvel not only at the gardens but the frequent sightings of birds and the small wildlife scampering throughout the property.


The Bird Sanctuary
In 1930, Elizabeth Clarkson was diagnosed with undulant fever and was often bedridden because of this illness. Her interests turned to ornithology and she began journaling about the birds and their habits in 1933. Read some of her bird stories in the birds section.

Wing Haven Foundation

The Clarksons gave the gardens to the Wing Haven Foundation in 1971, and, since that time, its Board of Directors has been responsible for maintaining this lovely spot in keeping with the Clarksons’ spirit and intent.


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