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Learn more about Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary and the Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden through these articles throughout the years.  Articles are provided as Adobe Acrobat pdf documents.

Photo right: Elizabeth Lawrence (left), Carl Starker & Elizabeth Clarkson



 Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary Articles


On the Road: Wing Haven

Aug. 2010 

Two Gardens, one experience. That's the motto and lifestyle at Wing Haven. This three acre garden is nestled in the heart of suburban Charlotte. » READ MORE & WATCH THE VIDEO


Beauty Takes Flight

Feb. 2009  Southern Living  

if you happen to be a mealworm, 248 Ridgewood Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, is nowhere you want to be in springtime... » READ MORE

For the Birds

May 2004  Country Living by Monica Michael Willis

In a residential quarter of Charlotte, NC, Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary provides a three-acre oasis of calm for songbirds and the people they enchant... » READ MORE

Sanctuary's Special Tree

June 2000  The Charlotte Observer

Viewed from below, it spreads roof like, a canopy of green through which slivers of sunlight streak onto the brick patio. » READ MORE

Essence of Wing Haven is in Journals

July 1998 The Charlotte Observer

Something wonderful has been rescued from the musty obscurity of a bedroom drawer.



A Gentle Refuge

June 1990  Victoria Magazine   

In 1926 when young Edwin Clarkson began to build a white-clapboard-and-brick house in the middle of Charlotte, he wrote his fiancé, Elizabeth, that there was a beautiful tree on the property...


Wing Haven

June 1987  House & Garden

For over fifty years the remarkable garden created from bare North Carolina soil by Elizabeth and Edwin Clarkson has become a Mecca for birds and bird lovers alike. » READ MORE


Garden Has Grown into Bird Sanctuary

April 1985  The Charlotte Observer

by Nancy Brachey          

The bird’s mournful sound wafted through the spring air...» READ MORE

Carolina Camera Visits Wing Haven

This is the story of a lovely Charlotte NC Couple who create a paradise within an Urban Community for their bird friends. A Place called Wing Haven.


Film “Wing Haven” Celebrates Sanctuary’s Enduring Love Story

February 1984  The Charlotte Observer

by Kays Gary        

The voice of Dick Cavett narrates the love story — a color film just 12 minutes long...» READ MORE

Wing Haven: Where Dreams Fly Free

April 1981  The Charlotte Observer

by Lawrence Toppman 

“Life, believe, is not a dream.” So says the worn flagstone, etched with the words of Charlotte Bronte at the edge of the creaking gate. But the gardens beyond give it the lie.... » READ MORE

Bird Flies First Class

February 1977 The Charlotte Observer

by Kays Gary

Anybody heading for Florida? There’s this robin, see, who needs a ride... » READ MORE

Wing Haven: A Place to See Things for the First Time

January 1977  The Charlotte Observer

by Ina Hughes

It’s hard to believe, I know, that more than 130 species of birds have found a home in one backyard in the heart of skateboarding, lawn mowing, condominium-growing southeast Charlotte.


Wing Haven Bird Sanctuary

September 1976  The Charlotte Observer

by Mary Estes              

Wing Haven, Charlotte’s noted bird sanctuary and gardens, has been donated to the city...


Birds Think They Own a Garden

January 1970  The Charlotte Observer

by Elizabeth Lawrence         

A new edition of Elizabeth Clarkson’s Birds of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County has been published... » READ MORE


She's Top in Ceramics

1950s  The Charlotte Observer  byDick Banks

British ceramic designer Dorothy Doughty, one of the most famous of our time, a woman who studies birds in woods... » READ MORE

Fogging Resumed: Clarkson May Act to Protect Birds

June 1953  The Charlotte Observer   by Harry Golden, Jr.

Charlotte’s No. 1 bird lover may take legal steps to stop the City from fogging a Myers Park community with DDT... » READ MORE

Bird Disc Jockey’s Task is Tough One

March 1948  The Charlotte Observer 

by Earl Heffner

“Look at the bird,” said the photographer. And for Dr. Arthur Allen, Ph.D., Cornell University, the request was a poser for the moment...

Trapped Baby Starling Rescued by Sergeants

May 1943  The Charlotte News        

Hard-boiled Noncoms Turn Softies as Little Bird Struggles Vainly to Escape Concrete Prison....


Tommy The Bluebird’s Life Not Bed of Roses Despite His Many Comforts

January 1941  The Charlotte News

by Tom Fesperman           

Clarkson Pet Becomes Famous. » READ MORE

"Tommy Bluebird" Clarkson

August 1940  The Chat

by Mrs. Edwin Clarkson

On April 25, 1940, Tommy celebrated his fourth birthday. The day after he was born, we took him and his brothers and sister in to raise. A little boy...


Happy Bluebird Brings Happiness

August 1937  The Charlotte News

by Dorothy Knox

Tommy Clarkson is a bluebird. The most spoiled, petted and beloved bluebird in the world...




 Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden


Pages and Petals Unite Southern Gardeners
May 2010  Winston-Salem Journal   
By Barbara Bamberger Scott

""You were very sweet, dear Ann, to take so much trouble with the outline. I went to work with the scissors and a box of pins and moved the paragraphs around as you suggested..." » READ MORE 


Two Volunteers: Exploring the Papers of Elizbeth Lawrence
Fall 2009  Cherokee Garden Library Newsletter
Elizabeth Lawrence is a familiar name to any serious Southern gardener. She is the author of what is considered a classic in Southern gardening...


Preserving a Legacy
Summer 2008  The Garden Conservancy     
The Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden, a modest home and garden in Charlotte, North Carolina, has had a huge influence on more than a generation of...


Beautiful at All Seasons
July 2007  Southern Accents Review      
Fifty years after her columns for The Charlotte Observer were first published, Elizabeth Lawrence inspires a new generation of garden enthusiasts...


Open to Interpretation
February 2006  Carolina Gardener

by Elizabeth Clark
Researching garden history can blend period homes with their gardens... » READ MORE


Lawrence Book Shouts ‘Read Me!’
May 2005  The Pilot by Anita Stone
While most bookstores stock shelves of popular gardening books, there is always one that slips through the shelves and cries out, “read me!”...


Carrying on the Legacy of Elizabeth Lawrence February 2005  The Charlotte Observer

by Nancy Brachey
The enduring gardens of Elizabeth Lawrence.....


Tending a Legacy
September 2004  Carolina Gardener

by Susan Rivers
Elizabeth Lawrence’s plants and her words about them live on in her Charlotte garden... » READ MORE 


Lessons to Grow On
May 2000  Country Gardens

by Jacqueline Hériteau
In making Elizabeth Lawrence’s Southern garden her own, Lindie Wilson has honored the beloved writer’s legacy... » READ MORE