Information for Educators
and Teachers

As a sanctuary for birds, the garden is an excellent example of the value of and need for conserving wildlife, its habitat and natural resources in an urban setting. We invite you to use Wing Haven as an extension of your classroom experience.  If you and your class are unable to visit us, we are glad to assist schools within Mecklenburg County in the development of gardens and/or bird feeding stations.

Garden Visits

A garden visit to Wing Haven can complement many classroom activities, and our educational staff is happy to work with you to meet the needs of your students.  We offer three on-site programs that are age/grade specific and are closely aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study curriculum standards.  Our programs last approximately one hour; however, we can modify this timing to best fit your needs.


To schedule a visit, please call 704-331-0664 ext. 103.   Tours for the spring months should be scheduled well in advance. Guided tours for youngsters are $4 per person with a $40 minimum per group. (Visits that include journals or other materials are $5 per student.)

NOTE: Please see curriculum-based information available from the garden on the right.


Habitat Development

Wing Haven is happy to assist Charlotte-area schools interested in creating outdoor classrooms, wildlife habitats, and gardens on school grounds. The following two programs also provide excellent guidance. For more information, contact Jill Goodrich at 704-331-0664 ext. 103.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Classroom
Feeder Watch Program

Through the Classroom Feeder Watch Program, elementary and middle school students can participate in Cornell University’s “Citizen Science” program, collecting and analyzing data about feeder birds and sending it on to scientists. The program includes a full curriculum for teachers, and a newsletter of student-produced material. Wing Haven is happy to assist Charlotte-area classrooms that are enrolled in this program. For more information about the program visit


National Wildlife Federation
Schoolyard Habitat Program

NWF provides a step-by-step guide to creating outdoor classroom areas through this program. Schools also have the opportunity to be recognized by NWF as a Certified Schoolyard Habitat. Wing Haven is happy to provide assistance to participating schools. For more information about this program visit