Children's & Family Programs

The garden offers many activities throughout the year for children and families.


Story-time in the Secret Garden
3rd Tuesdays starting Sept 23, 2014
FREE/Member ($5/Non-Member Family)

Meet in the Children's Garden every third
Tuesday from Sept 23, 2014 through May 19,
2015 for a story followed by an adventure
walk through the Clarkson Gardens.


Halloween at the Haven
"You bring the Tricksters, We'll show you the
Sat. Oct 25, 2014
10:00-12:00 & 2:00-4:00
$10/Member ($25/Non-Member Family up to 5)
We invite you to have a spooky Saturday in the
Clarkson Garden where we will play games,
hear ghost stories at our secret gathering spot
in the woods, and make goblin-friendly


Children's Holiday Tree for Wildlife
"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"
Tues. Dec 9, 2014
$10/Member ($25/Non-Member Family up to 5)
Celebrate the season Wing Haven style and
help us carry on the Clarkson tradition. We will
read a story, create a holiday gift, and make
edible ornaments for wildlife.


Backyard Garden Workshop
"How does your Garden Grow?"
Sat. Mar 14, 2015
$10/Member ($25/Non-Member Family up to 5)
Learn how to create your own backyard garden
and grow veggies for the whole family.

Children's Easter
"Hop on Over to The Haven"
Sat. Mar 28, 2015
$10/Member ($25/Non-Member Family up to 5)
Hop on over for crafts, a naturalist egg hunt,
and family fun in the Garden. We're excited to
invite kids of all ages for a special morning at
Wing Haven where we'll celebrate the
happiness Easter brings in one of Charlotte's
most beautiful spaces.


Camp Wing Haven
Mon. Jun 15 - Thurs. Jun 18, 2015
$95/Member ($125/Non-Member)
Explore the wonders of Wing Haven through
stories and hands-on activities. Campers will
experience the garden critters, get their hands
dirty, and plant vegetables and flowers in the
children's garden.


Jr. Wing Haven Gardener Camp
Mon. Jun 22 - Thurs. Jun 25, 2015
$95/Member ($125/Non-Member)
Campers will enjoy being outdoors,
experiencing science, and caring for the
environment. Learn about gardening skills,
birding, and developing a garden as a wildlife
habitat through fun hands-on activities.

Planning Your Trip With Children

As a sanctuary for birds, the garden is an excellent example of the value of and need for conserving wildlife, its habitat and natural resources in an urban setting. There is much to discover at Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary.


Educators planning to bring a group of youngsters to the garden must schedule a guided tour by calling 704/331-0664 x103.


  • Learn about the incredible people who began these gardens.  Copies of Elizabeth’s Garden (ages 4 – 6), Elizabeth’s Wish (ages 7 – 9), and A Bird in the House are available for sale in the Clarkson home. 

  • Discover the birds that live here by studying the informational kiosk at the entrance to the garden or  visit For the Birds on our site.  Begin your visit by selecting 2 or 3 species that you are most likely to see in the garden—perhaps the Carolina Wren, the Cardinal and the Carolina Chickadee—and look for them as you tour the garden.  You may even want to help them make their own binoculars before you come!

  • Encourage your youngsters to be detectives…have them look for the food, water and shelter that make the garden a habitat.   Perhaps you'll want to join them on a scavenger hunt as you walk through the garden

  • Remind children that this garden belongs to the birds!  It’s not a playground; they should walk and speak softly.

  • Once you return home, perhaps you can discover ways to make your surroundings more welcoming to the songbirds and small mammals that live outside your kitchen door.

Books for Children

These books are available for sale in the Clarkson home, or may be purchased online (postage is not included in the prices below).